Questions We Are Frequently Asked

This is just the pre-authorization and it will disappear in 2 days.  You will only be charged for the services that you use.

  • At 41st & Harrison all bays have a 10’ clearance
  • At Olde Town bays have the following clearance:
    • Truck bay is 14’
    • Self-Serve bays are 10’
    • Automatic bay is 8’

If this happens to you bring your receipt to our office and we will give you your change. Our office is 4 blocks east at 2221 Main St (corner of Mission Ave & Main St).

Yes, if you do not, the brushes will stop and not wash the back of the vehicle

Dirt roads and salted streets might make it necessary to wash your vehicle more frequently than driving on dry ones. In general, you should aim at washing your car once a week – every other week at least – to adequately maintain the body and protect the paint.

The best time to wash your car depends on the temperature. The right temperature for washing your car is around 40°F or higher. Also, wash your car during the day. to give your car ample time for drying before the temperature drops to below freezing and freezes your door shut. Our concrete is heated so your wash water won’t freeze while you wash.

Automatic car washes employ different types of technology to clean your car, and there are debates about the pluses and minuses of each type. Soft-touch car washes use spinning cloth bristles and gentle friction to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your car. Touch-free car washes do not come in contact with your car at all, but rather rely on high-pressure blasts of water and strong chemicals. Some argue that touch-free washes take longer and are not as effective as a soft-cloth wash, especially on extremely dirty vehicles.

It is always best to have a chipped windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible, but a vehicle with a chipped or cracked windshield can go through an automatic car wash. Understand, however, that while it might be okay to drive through, changes in temperature can cause a chip or crack to expand.

Your alloy wheels will be just fine in an automatic car wash. Ask in advance if you are concerned about your wheels. Generally speaking though, aluminum rims are okay in a car wash.

Aftermarket accessories, such as bug shields, may go through an automatic wash unharmed, but they are not guaranteed. Damage could possibly occur, especially if the component was previously damaged or compromised by stress cracks around the mounting points or rock chips. A car wash will not damage a trailer hitch, but the hitch could prevent the washing equipment from working as effectively as it should around that area. Any hitch plug left in place could be damaged or come loose in the wash.